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Gen V EV Training Locations Empty Gen V EV Training Locations

Post by Seoulkat on Thu Jan 03, 2013 1:39 am

Hello everyone, I will try to point you in the direction of the best places to train each stat. I will give the best places/pokemon first and then if anyone would like more than I will post them. Also, I will be posting them in the format of Stat - Pokemon - EVs gained - Location Smile So here we go!

HP - Stunfisk - 2 HP EVs - Southeast of Icirrus City in the Deep Water on the Lake

Attack - Lillipup/Patrat - 1 Att EV - Route 1 Only Lillipup and Patrat are here except in Rustling Grass of course

Defense - Klink/Roggenrola - 1 Def EV - Wellspring Cave there are a few other pokemon that you dont want here but this is the best 1 EV place for Defense.

Special Attack - Litwick - 1 Special Attack EV - Celestial Tower only they spawn here

Special Defense - Frillish - 1 Special Defense EV - Route 4 when you first go into the route from the south move as far left as you can and hug the wall until you see the two fisherman and the water. Onlly Frillish are in the water,

Speed - Basculin - 2 Speed EVs - Route 1 swim in the water found on the route, they are the only thing you can find in the water.

And there you are! I hope this will speed up your training so I can see you out there on the battlefield!

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