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Iowa Region (Pokemon map) 9S46jL8l

Iowa Region
A region of rolling hills that were once home to a vast expanse of prairie and wetlands.  Now, however, the landscape has been heavily altered by farming and agriculture.  This, along with the explosion of high-density livestock facilities and coal-fired power plants, has severely impacted the environment.  Many native Pokemon have gone extinct since the region was settled, and water contamination remains a large problem.

Des Moines - The capital and biggest city of the region.  It is considered to be one of the best cities in the world for thriving businesses.
Ames - A small town with a large school.  This town leads the state in agricultural and veterinary science.
Ft. Dodge - An agricultural town, and the center of economics for the north-eastern part of Iowa.
Waterloo - A city thriving with theater and the arts.  It is bisected by a large river, and was recently the site of a huge flood.
Iowa City - The former capital of Iowa, the city is a hub for literature and history.
Cedar Rapids - The "City of Five Seasons." An economic hub for the state, as well as a flourishing center for arts and culture
Dubuque - A major manufacturing hub, famous for its unique architecture.  It also serves as the economic gateway to the adjoining Wisconsin Region.
Davenport - One of the Quad Cities, a sprawling metropolitan area. This prosperous city directly borders the Illinois Region.
Mason City - A small city with a musical history.  Travelers on their way to the Minnesota Region pass through this city.
Sioux City - A smaller, but thriving city far out of the way.  It is connected to the South Dakota Region.
Council Bluffs - Long ago, settlers moving west stopped in this city.  It sits across a large river that separates it from the Nebraska Region.
Mt. Pleasant - A small and quaint town out of the way of many population centers.
Ottumwa - A city once held as the center of coal mining in the region.  Travelers headed for the Missouri Region usually pass through here.

Backbone Forest - One of the few remaining natural forests in Iowa.  Many rare Bug and Grass Pokemon can be found here.
Effigy Mounds - An ancient burial ground filled with uneasy Ghost Pokemon.
Maquoketa Cave - A cave system within a large natural forest.
Storm Lake - A large lake often plagued by severe weather and thunderstorms.
Tepig Farm - A livestock facility belonging to a renown Tepig breeder.
Torchic Farm - A livestock facility belonging to a renown Torchic breeder.
Victory Road - A dangerous cave that lies in the way of those aiming to take on the Pokemon League.
Loess Hills - A rolling band of hills rising above the flood plain. The home of the Pokemon League.
Red Rock Lake - A large, serene lake that is a popular tourist destination.
Battle Convention - Expert trainers from around the region gather here to battle.

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