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Post by Chance Gilbertson on Sat Aug 10, 2013 10:21 pm

Salutations! Welcome to the Sandlot Gym!

                   My name is Chance Gilbertson and you my fellow challengers/who ever's reading my gym sign have three thoughts. Yes, my gym name is a reference to a awesome movie, yes, I use Ground type Pokémon, and yes I think the idea of calling my gym Sandlot was a hilarious idea and joke. But I assure you my challengers, me and my pokemon are no joke...well I'm a funny guy but beyond that my strategy and skills will get you quite off you funny bone and strike seriousness to your very core...But that doesn't mean to not have a good time, in fact have loads of fun and We'll both have a great time! I'm a very honest and respectful man, just like the pokemon at my gym, Honest and respectfully. I got eight Pokémon and I only do 50 singles battles. Any Pokémon that's over 50 is going down to 50 when we battle.

Gym Badge: The Respect Badge

Friend Code is: 1893 9615 7256

Best way of contact: Message me on facebook, can chat on Skype to while playing.

Recent Badge Winners: Aku Kitsue, Cole Gilbertson, Chaz Robinson
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