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Pokemon: The Iowan Pokémon League
A fanfic by: The Sandlot gym leader: Chance Gilbertson
Note: I own no rights and all rights are Nintendo’s/game freak.


Salutations! Welcome, please come in come in. You must be interested in an entertaining tale. So what tale would you like hmm? How about tales of red, blue, and green? No, then how about a tale of precious things like silver, gold, crystal, sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond, pearl, and platinum. Maybe a tale of Truth and Ideals between man and Pokémon? Or perhaps the tales of X and Y? Ha, I’m just kidding about that one, we all know that story already. I’m sure someone will make a sequel called Z or a retelling of ruby and sapphire...Wait! Come back it was only a joke! I have a tale not yet told. What is this tale I speak of? Why, a tale so entertaining and enlightening no one could be gloomy or complain when hearing it. Tell me, what does one do when they become a champion? Are they just done with their journey when they’ve surpassed the region's gym leaders, Elite Four, and finally its champion? Well, my listeners, I’ll tell you something fascinating. There exists a place called I Island, the place where only those who have proven great skill know of thanks to a single letter sent from the director of the strongest league, The Iowan Pokémon league. This tale tells the stories of its gym leaders and elite four, along with stunning truths that shall be revealed to Kalo’s champion and his companions. Our tale starts with the woman in charge and whose style is said to be very “hypnotizing” by her challengers. Her name is…

    Chapter.1: Lady of Graceful Slumber Part: One

“My name is Amy Strain my dear students and you may address me as anything you feel appropriate and polite,” the pokemon breeding teacher said to her students as they all sat around her in a circle. Each one was holding a small pokemon of a different species. The day was warm and bright as the sun shone over the I Islands pokemon day care center.
Amy had strawberry blonde hair and eyes so pleasant and soothing, that even a Exploud would be calmed by just looking into them, and that’s something. She wore a purple dress with a whole lot of white polka dots, black shoes, and strange rings on her wrists.

“Miss Strain, I gots a question,” A girl with a Jigglypuff said.
“Yes, dear, what is it?” Amy asked as she kneeled down to the child’s level.
“Is it true that you’re the leader of our Islands super awesome pokemon league? My Mama said you were, but you don’t seem like your that kind of a lady who wants to rough house with something like pokemon battles. That’s something for the boys and boys are immature.”
Amy giggled when the girl had said immature childishly.
“I may not look or act the part, my dear student, but I am. I’m also the gym leader of this town if your mother forgot to mention that.”

The little girl and her Jigglypuff both reacted with comical disbelief.

“Yeah, Carla! Jeez! Miss Strain is the best gym leader ever! That’s why she’s the boss! In fact all her pokemon are super strong because they're all bred! Isn’t that right Miss Strain?” a boy that sat next to the little girl said. In his lap was a Litleo.
Amy nodded her head side to side with a smile. “It’s true my pokemon are all bred, but to say I’m better than everyone else in the league is wrong. In fact, saying that you’re better than anyone is wrong. Children, everything in this world is strong, no matter how big or small it is. The only thing you can say that’s different than someone else is your character. You are you and I am me, as long their heart is kind and caring then they are equals. But if their heart is filled with hate, uncaring, or selfishness, then that is the only time when you can say your better than someone else…”  

“Wow, that’s something! Just coming toward the gym and there's already inspiring words coming from a gym leader’s mouth. That was awesome and so true, I can tell our fight's going to be a blast!”
“Hmm?” Amy turned head to see a group of four kids behind her movable chalk board. Clearly they were trying not to disturb her class, but the boy with the red cap with shades on it couldn’t have kept his mouth shout for long due to his obvious excitement.
“You goof! I told you not to say anything! Now you ruined her lecture!” The boy with orange hair yelled, causing the other to comically lose his balance and fall to the ground.
“Jeez, Trevor, what gives? Cool your jets and relax.”
“Relax, do you realize who she is? She's-gah!”
The boy couldn’t finish his sentence as the only girl in the group, a girl with dark skin, tomboyish clothes and contrasting pink heels, had comically pushed the boy aside as well as the movable chalk board. She rushed to stand in front of it and look up at Amy.
“Amy Strain!!!! The greatest Clothes stylist ever in the world. There isn’t a single piece of clothing a pokemon celeb wears that didn’t come from her grace. Models Elesa and Cassy also only model with clothes you design.”
Amy smiled, liking the girl’s knowledge of her. “That indeed, my knowing girl. Tell me, fan, what are your names so I may address you properly.”
The girl blushed in embarrassment, clearly now in fandom shyness.
“My name is Shauna, and these are my friends Calem, Trevor, and Tieno.” Shauna introduced fast and mumbled it all out so that Amy almost didn’t quite hear her.
But she did, thankfully those gym leader meetings with a sugar rush Logan had gotten her and everyone else a keen understanding of fast mumble talk. With grace, she smiled and bowed lady like.
“It’s a pleasure to me meet you all, my name is Amy Strain, the gym leader of Cedarfalls City and director of the IPL. I take it you all have come to challenge me?” Amy introduced.
“No, it’s just me who wants to fight you. You see I’m Kalo’s newest champion and I came here with my friends to this island for adventure and to challenge the IPL.”
Amy smiled brightly and recalled this trainer now.
“Ah yes! You must be the boy who beat Diantha! It’s great to finally meet you face to face. She talked highly of you and it’s great that you’ve decide to come here to I-island with your friends. Its always nice to have company on adventures, especial here on this island. In fact, looking at you reminds me of me when I was your age. Those days were great and I remember every single moment of it. Now then, how about we start our battle then hmm? Come with me to my gym and there you shall have your first gym battle on this island.” Amy said as she turned around and started walking toward the big pokemon day care.
“Uh Amy, that’s a Pokemon day care...” Calem stated with confusion in his voice.
“Its my pokemon day care silly boy. this day care is the best there is out there and its where my gym is as well. Come with me, this battle will teach you valuable lessons.” Amy ordered the children politely as they all stood up with their pokemon and followed their teacher.

The Pokemon day care was amazing. Hundreds of pokemon the group had never seen before played, relaxed, and formed groups with one another as the pokemon seemed to get along with one another.
“As you can see, this place has many pokemon trainer’s leave here to get some R and R, as well as hangout amongst the others with no trouble at all.” Amy explained as they walked down a straight path.
“Unbelievable! Even pokemon who are sworn enemies such as Zangoose and Serviper are getting along! How do you accomplish such a impossible task?” Trevor asked with astonishment.
“This place brings the best of pokemon, I don’t do a single thing but show care for them. They’re the ones that brighten the place up and make the day care the way it is.”
Calem’s jaw dropped and pointed comically at a group that consisted of every starter pokemon he had never seen before besides Kalos and Kanto.
“Trevor look there! Its that fighting chicken and the cool looking penguin!  I totally got to get one of those if they’re here on this island!” Calem exclaimed.
“First off, don’t be stupid! Second, Starter pokemon are only given to beginners by professors! You can’t just catch them!”
“Actually, you can find every kind of pokemon on this island.” Amy said as she stopped on the far end of their destination.
The battle field where the gym battle would take place was in the very center of the daycare.
“Really? That’s amazing. Wouldn’t you agree Calem? Calem?”
“Awesome! This gym is epic! Right in the middle of this place. You sure do know how to make the background lively!” Calem said with excitement, already forgetting about the previous conversation.
Trevor sighed and took a seat next to the others and the students on the stands.
In no time at all a female daycare assistant arrived to referee the fight.
“Challenger Calem from Vaniville town, Kalos Vs. Gym leader of Cedarfalls City Amy Strain! Battle begin!”
Calem smiled and pulled out a pokeball.
“All right! Let’s go Klefki!” Calem tossed the ball and a small, floating pokemon that looked like a keyring with keys came out.
“Klef!” It chimed.
Amy smiled and pulled out a pokeball from one of her bracelets.
“Fairy/Steel eh? Nice choice for not knowing what I use. However, not the best choice for not letting lady’s go first. Come on out Xatu!”
She tossed it and a totum like green bird emerged.
“Tu.” It said  as it floated in the air.
“Xatu? What is that pokemon?”
Calem pointed at the bird with his pokedex and listened as the recording recited it's entry,"Xatu, the Mythic pokemon. They say it stays still because its seeing both the past and future at the same time."
“Psychic/Flying huh? That must mean you run one or the other. This is great then, because my team can handle those types fairly well. My Klefiki is going to have a field day with whatever team you run.” Calem grinned, knowing how he’d play it now.
But Calem suddenly felt uneasy. Amy was smiling back. Her face seemed carefree and didn’t mind Calem’s statement.
“We’ll see about that.” Was all Amy said.
“Klefki use swagger!” Calem ordered and his pokemon started to yell comically at the bird that was now just standing.
Calem saw a moment’s glimpse of a barrier that not only shielded Xatu from the move. But now Klefki was suddenly confused.
“What? Was that Mirror coat?” Calem thought.
Amy giggled and wiggled her finger.
“Someone didn’t think carefully. Did you think you could just swagger Xatu, set up Reflect and Light Screen, then just Foul Play my entire team thinking I wouldn’t know that Klefki had prankster? Wrong! Xatu use Calm mind!”
Xatu calmed its thoughts, raising it Sp.Attack and Sp.Defense.
“What?! How can Xatu still have his turn?! It just used Mirror coat.”
“That wasn’t a move that reflected your Klefki’s swagger, it was Magic Barrier, Xatu’s hidden ability.”
“Hidden ability?”
“Yes. As you know, some pokemon are known to possess an ability in battle. A hidden ability is a third or second, un-ordinary ability not normally found in that pokemon's ability line. It’s a special trait that separates its self from the other ordinary ability line. For example, Xatu’s two possible abilities could be ether synchronize or early bird. Magic coat, however, is its third secret ability that no ordinary family line can possess. Hidden abilities can only be obtained by catching one that has it or breeding it to pass its ability and knowledge to its child.” Amy explained as she wiggled her finger like she was lecturing him.
Calem gritted his teeth and had decided he’s next move.
“Klefki try and snap out of it and use Light Screen!”
Klefki tried coming to its senses but only wound up hitting itself. It hurt a more then it would have since the higher the attack, the more damage the pokemon suffers if falling for the confusion.
“Calm mind again Xatu!”
Xatu’s Sp.Attack and Sp.Def increased again.
“Again? Why is she even having Xatu powering up again? Its Psychic/Flying and I highly doubt it has anything useful to even make a dent to my Klefki… then again this fight feels abnormal. I feel like I’m fighting an Elite Four.- Okay lets try it again! Klefki use Light Screen.”
Klefki finally snaped out of confusion and set up a barrier.
“There we go!”
Amy's smile widened before she ordered a command that was quite surprising to Calem.
“Xatu, Heat Wave.”
The Totem Bird flapped its wings rapidly and unleashed a devastating wave of heat that hit the key pokemon really hard.
“What? No way! Klefki are you still able to fight?” Calem asked as he watched the pokemon slowly rise only to see it fall and faint.
“Klefki is unable to battle, Xatu wins.” The referee said as she pointed a small flag at Cedarfalls City's gym leader.
“Oh, you seemed really surprised? You would think a flying/psychic like Xatu wouldn’t normally have such a strong fire move like heat wave in its normal or breed move list. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this in my invitation to challenge the league like I do with all the others who have proven great powers but you will learn in time here that nothing is “normal” or “simple”.” Amy said with a smile.
Calem suddenly felt intense for a moment. He knew this was the first gym battle, which was usually the easiest. But this feeling he had only felt when he fought…
Why? Why am I getting so intense about this fight like I was when I fought the elite fours man? I know she’s the first gym battle that everyone faces and this should be like my gym fight with Viola… so why do I get the unsettling feeling that this fight will be the hardest I’ve fought yet?” Calem thought as he sent his next pokemon, which was Aegislash.
“Another steel type? I don’t believe I know that one yet.” Amy said as she pointed one of her bracelets at it and a few seconds later a screen popped up.
"Aegislash, The Royal Sword pokemon. Apparently,  it can detect innate qualities of leadership, According to legend, whoever it recognizes is destined to become king."
“Ghost/Steel… Oh I know what that pokemon is now. You have the fully evolved version of Duoblade. Sorry for not recognizing it, I’m just to use to seeing Duoblade because one of my newest gym leaders just so happens to use one since he’s the steel gym leader. Whoops! spoiler alert. The league has a steel gym and I just said one of his pokemon.” Amy chimed as she covered her mouth playfully.
“Aegislash vs. Xatu! Battle begin!” The referee called.
“ That’s great, but I’m not fighting that gymleader aren’t I? So why should I take my mind off you? Now Aegislah use Shadow Sneak!”
“Aegislash!” The pokemon roared as it changed into a battle stance and launched a moving and fast shadow that hit Xatu and instantly knocked it out.
“Xatu is unable to battle. Aegislash wins.”
Amy returned Xatu to its pokeball.
“Hitting my Xatu with a priority super effective attack was very wise of you so you could ensure the possibility that my Xatu wouldnt endure the hit and knock out another pokemon. Let’s see if you like this one as much as you did Xatu? Hypno come on out!”
“Hypno…Hypno” The yellow pokemon said as it slowly waved its hypnotic pendulum.
“No way that Aegislash could beat that Hypno with one Shadow sneak in one hit. It must be Physically bulky if she sent it out. Aegislash use kings shield so you go back to shield form.”
The sword pokemon obeyed and went behind its shield again. It then formed a mythical wall.
“Hypno use Hypnosis!”
Hypno swung its pendulum back and forth in slow motion and its eyes flashed blue.
“Sorry, but kings shield protects Aegislash from all attacks as well as harshly lowering the attack stat to those who touch him when he uses it.” Calem said proudly. He didn’t notice Amy’s widening smile until it was too late.
“Are you sure its protected by all forms of attacks? Because that pokemon seems to be sleeping and I doubt it’s because it sees myy Hypno as no challenge.”
She was right. The pokemon was sleeping like a Snorlax. Calem comically sighed. He wished he'd known status effects passed through kings shield when he fought Wikstroms’ Aegislash.
“Aegislash, return. Come on out Noivern”
The bat daragon pokemon let out a ferocious roar.
“Noivern use Draco Meteor!”
Noivern shot out a burst from its mouth into the sky and small meteors rained down on Hypno. It hit, but to much of his astonishment… it didn't get anywhere near severely damaging it's opponent.
“You probably thought Hypno was physically bulky. Nope, he’s the exact opposite when it comes to the two defenses. In fact, my Hypno could easily take another regularly powered Draco Meteor and still be standing. Now Hypno, use Hypnosis!”
The astonished Noivern was too late to doge the eye contact of Hypno and the psychic signature sent the pokemon to sleep.
“Not you too! Well, might as well switch back to Aegislash. I think she’ll want to use DeamEater because it makes perfect sense that she’ll want to recover the damage she still took. Noivern, return. Come on out Aegislash!”
“Hypno use Nasty Plot!” Amy ordered  after Calem had switched.
Hypno thought sinisterly, raising its Sp. Attack by 2 stages.
Uh oh, not good. Aegislash has to stay in now. I think her predictions are pretty good. No, scary good is the better describing word.” Calem thought as he grit his teeth. He wondered if this gym leader was actually a psychic because her predictions and moves thus far were just unreal. Not as unreal as the two pokemon she had used so far in the fight, however.
“A two calm mind powered Heat Wave was enough to K.O. Klefki under Light Screen and her Hypno mangaes to not only put Noivern and Angislash, but also tanked draco meteor without the slightest of injury. I’ve only seen a handful of pokemon be able to take a Draco Meteor, but not one who seems that could take even more regular powered ones… Just looking at this Hypno to makes me belive he can deal good damage back too. I wonder if all her pokemon are this terrifying.”
“We’re waiting, Calem. Just what are you going to do in this predicament?”
Calem thought hard, then he knew what he had to do.
“Angislash wake up and us Shadow Claw!”
The pokemon was out like a door knob.
“Calling its name won’t help. He’s in peaceful slumber. Waking that dear pokemon from my Hypno's Hypnosis is a difficult task because my Hypno has honed the move to great performance. You see, my pokemon excel at making my opponents so sleepy that they don’t ever want to get up. Now Hypno, Nasty plot once more then finish his Angislash with Shadow ball.”
Hypno followed her commands and started to charge an orb of dark power.
“Come on Angislash! I know you can wake up! Don’t go down like this! Is this really how you want to lose your first fight against the Iowan League? Please wake up!”
Amy shook her head side to side.
“ No one has ever woken from Hypno's hypnosis in a battle. I encourage and commend you for trying to wake your pokemon up and attack, but that pokemon is the most content pokemon I’ve ever seen asleep. It will not just wake up by you-“
“Wake Up!!!!!!!!”
Hypno fired the Shadow Ball, heading in Aegislashs’ direction. But to everyone's surprise, especially Amy, The Royal sword woke right up, irritated at being put to sleep. Aegistlash answered the call of its master, charging straight into the attack in shield form.
“Oh my.”
Hypno looked into the fog, seeing if it's attack had ended the Sword pokemon.
Just then, Aegislash appeared from the fog in sword form and struck Hypno with Shadow Claw.
“Hyp-no!” The pokemon groaned as it feel in defeat.
“Alright! Way to go man! I knew you could do it!” Calem cheered giving his pokemon a thumbs up.
Aegislash, weakly raised its thumb up happily… before falling and submitting to the powerful  attack it had received moments ago.
“Oh dear, it seem this one’s a tie in reality, but in my opinon, your pokemon surely won with courage and bravery.” Amy said with a smile.
“Both pokemon are unable to battle. It’s a draw! Trainers, send out your next pokemon!”
Calem returned Aegislash into his pokeball and looked at Amy seriously.
“Alright, I understand now you're not an ordinary gym leader. This league is far more powerful than Kalos isn’t it?”
Amy smiled sweetly and with a hint of amusement.
“Someone’s catching on.”
“That’s why you send invitations for trainers to challenge your league. This place is kinda like insane mode in a video game compared to the other regions.”
“Odd you would compare it like a video game, but yes you get the concept. Think of my League exactly like that. Where everyone is on crazy levels and you’ve just started a new game.”
Calem looked at that smile for a while, then he slowly pointed to her.
“If that’s the case… then stop going easy on me. Show me what you really can do. I got a feeling in my gut your just as strong as Dianthia!”
Amy blinked at the boy, then giggled lightly at the boys seriousness.
“Alright then, dear challenger. You wish me to go all out, then I certainly will since you are ready stop being so oblivious to your opponent's power. Oh Crobat, I request your presence now my dear friend. Show yourself, I choose you next.”
Just then, A blur flashed through Calem's sight, and traveled around the battle field. Flying by the spectators so fast, it seemed like it was there for less than a second. He circled the arena a few times, but all the spectators' eyes caught were small glimpses.
When Calem faced Amy again, A purple bat with four wings was sitting comfortably on her shoulders, its eyes were piercing and seemed more than ready to fight for its master.
“Calem, meet Crobat, your worst nightmare and my strongest flying pokemon in my Psycic/flying gym.”
Calem nodded and sent out Noivern.
“Crobat, meet Noivern, the pokemon who's going to beat you… when he wakes up of course.”
“He’s so going to lose.” Trevor sighed as he pinched th bridge of his nose.
End of Chapter one, Part:1

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